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Q: What is xNormal?

A: xNormal is an application to generate normal / ambient occlusion / displacement maps. It can also project the texture of the highpoly model into the lowpoly mesh ( complete texture transfer, even with different topologies ).

It includes too an interactive 3D viewer ( with advanced shaders and realtime soft shadows / glow effect ), some Photoshop filters and importers/exporters for 3dsmax and Maya.

It supports high levels of parallelism using multicore/multithreading, distributed/parallel rendering, ray tracing and advanced GPGPU techniques.
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Q: How much xNormal costs?

A: Absolutely nothing. It's free for any use, including commercial one. No price and no fees at all. If you like it, please, help us sending bugs/feedback, examples of your art or mention xNormal in your project.
Q: I can't use other normal mappers because they calculate their own tangent space and they only allow to use a kind of mesh format. Does xNormal include a SDK to make my own importers, exporters and plugins?

A: Yes, xNormal includes a complete and easy-to-use C++ SDK to write plug-ins. You can make image or mesh importers/exporters,etc...

One of the key features of the xNormal SDK is the ability to customize the tangent basis. Please, take a look at this link to know why it's so important:

Go to the developers section into this web page to download the xNormal SDK.
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Q: I want to send you a model to include it in xNormal or to collaborate with you. How can I do it?

A: Thanks, any help will be welcome! Go to the contact us above in this page and tell us!
Q: Who is already using xNormal?
A: The xNormal installation includes some great examples created by great artists like Paul Greveson, Pablo Hoyos, Kevin George, Bojana Nedeljkovic, Samuel Arshlevon, Vidar Rapp, etc...

Some projects have used xNormal too... for example, Fragfist , Darkest of Days or Wing Commander Vega Strike

People are using xNormal widely in the game industry to generate maps and/or to visualize models. Click on the right to see more examples.
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