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Apr 12, 2016. xNormal 3.20.0 and xN4 permalink
- We're going to release the 3.20.0 soon. The update is taking some extra time cause we were waiting for 3ds Max/Maya 2017, we're revamping our SDK and making other important internal changes.

- xN4 is (of course) still under development. The Alpha 1 was delayed to Q4 2016(or early 2017). We're using a lot of new tech and APIs and the drivers are not yet stable enough 8(

Jul 1, 2015. xNormal 3.19.2 permalink
- Added Photoshop CC 2015 support.
- Deprectated some old plug-ins.
- Recompiled using the latest libraries ( Optix 3.8, libpng-1.6.17, libtiff-4.0.4, lua-5.3.1 )
May 11, 2015. xNormal 3.19.1 permalink
- UI frontend is now a little bigger
- Added 3dsmax / Maya 2016 support.
- Now you can invoke the obj2sbm and object-tangent space tool from the command-line.
- The installer now uses modern UI.
- Fixed a lot of bugs and improved compatibility with Quadros.
- Recompiled using VS2013CEu4 and the latest libraries, including FBX 2016, Cuda 7 and Optix 3.7.
Oct 26, 2014. xNormal 3.18.10 & award permalink
- Fixed a bug position-offseting the cages.
- The OpenEXR importer/exporter now supports Dreamworks's lossy compression.
- Added support for GeForce 9XX Maxwell architecture in the CUDA / Optix renderer.
- Recompiled using the latest libraries ( Optix 3.6.3, JRE 1.8u25, OpenEXR-2.2.0, WebP 0.4.1, NSIS 3.0b ).
By the way, we got a Peter Plantec's Golden Pixie award !
Golden Pixie ward
May 19, 2014. xNormal 3.18.8 permalink
- Added 3dsmax / Maya 2015 support.
- Fixed a problem loading Java plug-ins.
- Recompiled with the latest libraries ( FBXSDK 2015.1, JRE 1.8.0-u5, Crosswalk 2015.0 ).
Apr 6, 2014. xNormal 3.18.7 permalink
- Fixed a problem in the SBM mesh exporter that was causing to rotate the objects.
- Improved memory management for big images.
- Recompiled with the latest libraries ( libWebP-0.4.0, FBXSDK 2014.2.1, JRE 1.8.0, Optix 3.5.1 ).
Jan 14, 2014. xNormal 3.18.6 permalink
- Now the result from the base texture bake is linearly filtered, resulting in better quality.
- Modified the dilation filter's algorithm to consume much less memory. Also, modified the internal image structs to be more SIMD-friendly.
- Increased the maximum render size to 32k x 32k.
- The 3dsmax SBM exporter now saves data from current frame instead of using the first frame.
- Now you can render a new map : the translucency map, which can be used to simulate semitransparent objects and SSS.
- Recompiled using the latest libraries.
Oct 15, 2013. xNormal 3.18.4 permalink
- Fixed several bugs
- Added position offset for lowpoly meshes.
- Added an experimental graphics driver for OpenRL.
- Recompiled using the latest libraries.
Jun 29, 2013. xNormal 3.18.3 permalink
- Added support for Photoshop CC ( Creative Cloud ).
- Added an option to offset the HP's vertex positions.
- Fixed a problem in the Simple AO tool that was causing to pop a “.tga” error dialog.
- Recompiled using the latest libraries.
Jun 2, 2013. xNormal 3.18.2 permalink
- Fixed some bugs.
- Optimized a bit the OpenRL's CPU occlusion rendering.
- Removed TIFF warnings.
- Recompiled using the latest libraries.
Apr 14, 2013. xNormal 3.18.1 permalink
- xNormal is now a 64bits-only application.
- Ported xNormal from .NET 2.0 to .NET 4.0 and recompiled with VS2010 SP1.
- Improved a bit the SDK.
- Added support for 3dsmax / Maya 2014.
- Improved the heightmap / VDM tonemapper with new stats and better control.
- Lowered a the renderer's threads priority to allow the user to perform background tasks while the maps are rendered ).

- We made some dialogs modal and improved the progress bar / abort management.
- Optimized the OpenRL AO generation and improved compatibility with the Caustic R2100 / 2500 ray tracing cards.

R2100 results

- The render time now takes into consideration the ray tracing building structures and tile preparation phase.
- Fixed a lot of bugs.
- Recompiled using the lastest libraries.
Caustic Graphics Imagination Technologies R2100
Dec 31, 2012. xNormal 3.17.16 permalink
- Changed the Default map renderer's tiling pattern to be more coherent.
- Fixed a bug in the OpenRL map renderer ( incorrect context initialization ).
- Recompiled using the latest libraries ( OpenRL 1.2R1, JRE 1.7u10, Optix 3.0 ).
Optimized for 1920x1080 and Mozilla Firefox

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